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European Elections 2024

#EuropeanElections2024 – it’s time to vote! 🇪🇺🗳️

But not everyone is allowed to exercise their right to vote as they should. Despite recent improvements, many persons with disabilities in the EU are still prevented by legal, technical or physical barriers from voting freely and in secret. See the recent report by the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rightshttps://fra.europa.eu/…/more-people-disabilities-can…

This is why Cerebral Palsy Europe and our partners FightthestrokeCPNederlandAssociação do Porto de Paralisia CerebralFederação das Associações Portuguesas de Paralisia Cerebral and Zveza Sonček, and associated partners and supporting organisations European Disability Forum, Cerebral Palsy Greece/Open Door, Paralysie Cérébrale LuxembourgConfederación Aspace, CP Sverige, Fondation Paralysie CérébraleCRC Central Remedial Clinic and Association Maria Beatrice, with the financial support of the #EuropeanUnion, are organising Vote4All.eu, an 18-month project to promote citizens’ participation in European #democracy by improving #Accessibility and #inclusion for persons with #cerebralpalsy and complex disabilities.

Find out more here: https://cp-eca.eu/vote4all-eu/

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