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Manifesto for Cerebral Palsy

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In preparation for the European Parliament Elections 2024, Cerebral Palsy Europe has published a Manifesto for Cerebral Palsy, detailing how EU action – through legislation, standard-setting, funding or another form – makes a difference to the lives of the estimated 800,000 persons with cerebral palsy in the European Union.

summary of the manifesto for cerebral palsy

The manifesto is the result of a process of discussion starting with an online meeting as part of the Conference on the Future of Europe in early 2022. The principal drafters of the final document are two persons with CP: Matthieu Chatelin from France and Agnes Kojc from Slovenia.

The aim of the manifesto is both to persuade future policymakers of the need for them to take action to improve the lives of persons with CP and to explain to persons with CP how the EU can influence their quality of life for the better.

The manifesto is available in the following languages:










More language versions are expected shortly. If you would like to help us spread the word by reviewing a translation into your own language, please let us know at contact@cp-eca.eu.

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