Cerebral Palsy in the European Union Association

A dream career with love, Shahedeh Dehghani

After working in the corporate world for four years, I decided to quit and pursue my dream. My dream is to work in a Cerebral Palsy Society as I was born with Spastic Hemiplegia Cerebral Palsy. The condition has not stopped me in my life endeavours, instead, it has pushed me beyond my limits. I am a brown belt in Kung Fu, I have been a motivational speaker in numerous events, I work with a local charity school to raise funds for other disabled children, I am actively involved in generating new funding ideas for the school, I introduce other organizations to the school for CSR involvement, and I am a successful and hard working professional with working experience in Canada and UAE. At this stage of my life, I will do what it takes to be involved in a Cerebral Palsy organization any where in the world. I can bring knowledge and real life experience to your team. To live with this condition and overcome daily life is a challenge. I would love to become a mentor for people who live with cerebral palsy, and assist in bridging the gap to increase the general public’s understanding of cerebral palsy. I would highly appreciate your support to make my dream come a reality.

Please contact me at shahedeh.dehghani@gmail.com or 00 97150 204 0077. I will fly to your country for a personal meeting if that is what it takes!

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