Cerebral Palsy in the European Union Association

What is a Buddy Scheme?

It is simple. It pairs up a school child with a fellow student of a similar age who has cerebral palsy. Together they learn about each other’s likes and dislikes, they play together, infact there is no end to the possibilities of their inter-action!

Pegasus Wings of Friendship is a New Zealand charity that supports children with cerebral palsy by addressing both their physical and emotional needs. Their motivated student body all over New Zealand is united by a vision to improve the quality of lives of these children in each local community.

They plan to fulfill these aims by providing opportunities for social interaction between children with cerebral palsy and able-bodied students of the same age group. This will be done through a Buddy Scheme that involves individuals willing to participate in the program. They aim to include activities such as puzzles and story-reading that will encourage communication between the buddy pairs. In addition, the buddies’ goal is to meet up once a week to reinforce friendships established.

According to Greek mythology, Pegasus is known as the winged horse that represents inspiration, hope and knowledge. Pegasus symbolises their goal to bring friendship and happiness to children in each local community with Cerebral Palsy.

If you already have a Buddy Scheme and are prepared to share your experiences and/or you are interested in this initiative in New Zealand and would like to learn more, please email pwf@outlook.co.nz or cherie.jia1@gmail.com

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